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Xi stresses development of science, technology to meet significant national needs
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday stressed continuing to advance the development of science and technology to a deeper and broader level.
China, ASEAN, other regional countries to step up cooperation in post-pandemic recovery
The most urgent task of is to gather consensus in fighting the COVID-19, promote the revival of economic cooperation, and maintain the overall situation of regional peace and development.
Commentary: Washington's futile attempt on South China Sea
Pompeo's China-bashing and impudent pressure on ASEAN countries exposed his own intention to stir up troubles in the South China Sea and sow discord between China and its neighbors.
Countries should join hands to build community with shared future in cyberspace
It is a major issue faced by the international community to discuss ways to manage data security risks and promote global governance in the digital domain.
Zhong Nanshan, a doctor that well explains original aspiration, mission of medical practitioners
In his 60-year career of being a doctor and teacher, he has perfectly explained the original aspiration and mission of medical practitioners with his professionalism, courage and generous spirit.
Mixed rice-crayfish farming leads new way of poverty alleviation in China
Large promotion of mixed rice-fishing farming not only enriches the side products in the rice fields, but also consolidates the basis for grain production and improves rice quality.
Rural revitalization in E China’s Fujian brings wealth and happiness to locals
After the reform was implemented, under-forest industries such as lingzhi mushroom cultivation and beekeeping began to flourish.

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