U.S. exploits 'national security' to undermine others

By Chen Zi (People's Daily Online) 14:37, February 29, 2024

Cartoon by Ma Hongliang

In recent years, the United States has excessively stretched the concept of national security, arbitrarily using state power to suppress businesses from other countries and hinder their development.

For U.S. politicians, any advanced technology from China is perceived as a threat. Under the guise of national security, the U.S. has intensified its control over chip exports to China, targeted Chinese semiconductor firms, erected trade barriers in the battery supply chain to undermine China's burgeoning new energy sector, and pressured other countries into sidelining relevant Chinese companies. Consequently, "national security" has increasingly served as a convenient justification for the U.S. to arbitrarily suppress and discredit companies from other countries.

This represents an act of politicizing, instrumentalizing, and weaponizing trade and technological issues, posing serious risks to international economic and trade cooperation, as well as to the stability of global industrial and supply chains. The U.S. should rectify its actions and establish favorable conditions for international trade, economic exchanges, and cooperation.


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