Electric cruise ship to be launched in Shanghai

By WANG YING in Shanghai (China Daily) 08:53, September 04, 2023

An electric battery-powered cruise ship is set to make its debut on Shanghai's Huangpu River later this year, according to official sources.

The 150-seater ship produces zero emissions and is low-noise and pollution-free, according to Tian Ye,who is in charge of the vessel's battery power system. The system has been independently researched and developed by the China State Shipbuilding Corp's Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute.

Shanghai Jiushi was delivered to its operator earlier in August, and is being outfitted and licensed before going into service later this year.

More than 50 sightseeing vessels cruise the Huangpu in Shanghai,most of which are conventional fuel-powered ships. If all of them were powered by new energies, carbon emissions would be cut by thousands or even tens of thousands of metric tons per year, according to a report in China Ship News.

Tian said projects like Shanghai Jiushi align with the nation's carbon emissions and neutrality goals, as well as Shanghai's goal of developing its waterfront.

According to city regulations that took effect last year, areas along the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek are to be developed into world-class waterfronts with all-around open,beautiful landscapes and ecological green public spaces.

The new energy power system of the ship is equipped with a high-performance brain, which integrates functions including energy control, propulsion control, monitoring alerts and remote monitoring to achieve a high degree of automation, Tian explained.

Invested in by Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise, Shanghai Jiushi has a length of 41.51 meters and a width of 10.9 meters.

(Web editor: Zhong Wenxing, Liang Jun)


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