Silvery snow brings golden opportunities for villagers in Jilin

(Xinhua) 16:01, December 11, 2022

CHANGCHUN, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- For Yu Shufen, the annual season of snowfall was kind of a challenge until she found business opportunities in the wintry landscape.

Yu, 53, lives in Nangou Village of Beidahu Township in northeast China's Jilin Province. Jilin is endowed with excellent natural conditions for developing the ice and snow industry.

Thanks to the big influx of ski lovers, apart from working as a farmer, Yu now runs an agritainment business and a homestay in Nangou, which is close to the Beidahu ski resort.

Approximately 160 days of snow cover annually contribute to the resort's reputation as a premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Prior to setting up her business over a decade ago, Yu never imagined that the heavy snow would be financially so much rewarding.

She conceived the idea for her business after frequently encountering ski lovers in the village who inquired about dining and lodging options.

She began with just a couple of tables at home and launched the first agritainment business in Nangou.

With effective management, Yu's agritainment and homestay business gradually flourished and gained many repeat customers, generating hundreds of thousands of yuan in revenue each snow season.

Winter is generally the off-season for farming in northeast China, due to the region's frigid temperatures and severe weather. Local farmers remain idle almost the whole winter.

However, inspired by Yu, many villagers have entered the thriving ice and snow business amid the rising popularity of winter sports.

Today, Nangou Village has more than 100 restaurants and hotels, helping more than 150 households increase their incomes.

"Winter is now the busiest time of the year in our village. Every family looks forward to snow. The bigger the snow, the more tourists," Yu said.

In recent years, Jilin has vigorously promoted the ice and snow industry. Countless ordinary villages like Nangou have undergone a transformation, with the ice and snow economy becoming a new engine for rural revitalization in the region.

The frigid winter has brought warmth for many locals like Yu. 

(Web editor: Xue Yanyan, Sheng Chuyi)


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