2022 China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Media Dialogue held in Beijing

(People's Daily Online) 20:41, November 25, 2022

The 2022 China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Media Dialogue under the theme "Fulfilling Responsibilities of the Media, Promoting People-to-people Ties” was held both online and offline in Beijing on Nov. 25, 2022.

The 2022 China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Media Dialogue is held both online and offline on Nov. 25, 2022. (People’s Daily/Zhang Wujun)

Nearly 60 people participated in the event, including representatives of 27 mainstream media outlets in China, Japan, and South Korea, as well as officials from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international organizations.

Participants held in-depth discussions on topics including “Exchanges to Reinforce People-to-People Ties” and “Forging Ahead to Promote Cultural Similarity” at the dialogue, which was hosted by People’s Daily.

Yu Shaoliang, Editor-in-Chief of People’s Daily, noted in his speech that media workers in China, Japan, and South Korea should make their due contributions to the building of an East Asian Community.

Media workers from the three countries should provide comprehensive coverage and promote people-to-people connectivity, enhance exchanges with each other and support the development of young people, while strengthening cooperation and serving as guardians of cultural identity, Yu said.

People’s Daily is willing to further strengthen communication and cooperation with mainstream media outlets in Japan and South Korea, so as to tell stories better and forge ahead together, and to make unremitting efforts to improve the common well-being of the people of the three countries, Yu added.

Deng Wei, Counselor of the Department of Asian Affairs of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that he hopes media outlets in the three countries will tell stories of friendship and cooperation among their countries, spread positive energy in the region, and promote ideas that contain the values of eastern culture, such as inclusiveness and harmonious coexistence, and seeking common ground while reserving differences, adding that countries should respect each others' interests while pursuing their own and advance the common interests of all.

Mainstream media outlets are expected to shoulder the responsibilities of the media, work to reduce misunderstanding and prejudice, and promote people-to-people exchanges. They should guide public opinion with a rational and objective attitude, report the real world in a balanced and accurate manner, and seek solutions to problems with a rigorous and responsible attitude, said Ou Boqian, Secretary-General of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat.

The three countries have a lot in common in their culture and history, said Miyata Kiyoshi, Executive Director, General Manager, and Managing Editor of the Tokyo Head Office of Asahi Shimbun in Japan, who noted that the dialogue provided a good opportunity for media outlets in the three countries to share experience and views and jointly explore development paths.

Lee Ha-Kyung, Editor-in-Chief of JoongAng Ilbo in South Korea, stressed that mainstream media outlets should conduct coverage in a responsible way, serve as a bridge for people-to-people connectivity, and continue injecting vitality into the development of Northeast Asia.

Fang Jiangshan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of People’s Daily, presided over the dialogue and made a concluding speech.

Initiated by People’s Daily, the China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Media Dialogue has been held four times previously in September 2011, September 2015, May 2018, and December 2019.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Du Mingming)


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