Georgian journalist: China faces the world with an open attitude

(People's Daily Online) 15:28, October 21, 2022

Photo shows Liana Jorjoliani, a journalist from Geoecohub, a news website in Georgia. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

Liana Jorjoliani, a journalist from Geoecohub, a news website in Georgia, who attended the opening session of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Oct.16, 2022 in Beijing, said she was deeply impressed by anti-corruption and ecological conservation mentioned in the report delivered to the national congress.

"China shows zero tolerance in opposing corruption, which reflects the Chinese government's strong sense of responsibility for the 1.4 billion Chinese people," she said.

The Georgian, who also paid close attention to other topics in the report like building a Beautiful China, said that China has made a lot of efforts in upgrading and transforming industries, pollution prevention and control, and responding to climate change over the past several years. She believes that these measures will boost green and low-carbon development.

Photo taken by Liana Jorjoliani shows Qianmen Street, a landmark commercial street in Beijing. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

"It is the first time for me to report the CPC National Congress live and I feel so privileged," Jorjoliani said, adding "The organization work of the congress is excellent. The Chinese side invited a lot of foreign reporters, which shows China's open attitude and that the country is willing to share its successful experience and reform results with the world.”

Coming to China for the first time in 2015, Jorjoliani has visited various places of the country. She thinks Beijing is a very special city and can be called a model for international cities. "Beijing is a perfect combination of modern architecture and cultural relics, and it boasts complete infrastructure facilities, transportation networks, as well as high green coverage rates," she said.

Jorjoliani believes that the 20th CPC National Congress is not only an event of great political significance for China but that it also has global significance. China is the world's factory and engine for the world's economy. China's stability and prosperity will exert an impact on the political and economic situation of the international community. The direction of China's development in the next five years and even in medium to long term detailed in the report is bound to influence the world.

China is pressing ahead with economic reform. Jorjoliani is confident that the plans outlined in the report will not only be implemented smoothly, but will exceed people’s expectations. 

(Web editor: Hongyu, Wu Chengliang)


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