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Highlights of Chinese foreign minister's press conference

(People's Daily Online)    09:59, March 08, 2019

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday meets the press on the sidelines of the national legislature annual session. Wang takes questions regarding China's foreign policy and diplomatic relations.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi ( Jie)

Here are the highlights:

Diplomatic Achievements and Experience in the Last 70 years

Our diplomatic achievements are due, first and foremost, to the leadership of the Party, which is the fundamental political guarantee for China’s diplomacy.

Through seven decades, the Party has advanced with the times, developed a rich body of diplomatic theories with Chinese characteristics, and established a fine tradition with distinctive features.

These include: independence as the cornerstone of China's foreign policy, concern for the common good of humanity, pursuit of equity and justice, commitment to win-win outcomes, the mission of facilitating domestic development, and dedication to serving the Chinese people.

Nuclear Issue on the Korean Peninsula

If the parties have continued dialogue and stay the course, the day will come when the denuclearization of the peninsula will become a reality.

As complicated factors are at play in the Korean nuclear issue, one cannot expect it to be solved overnight. All parties need to have reasonable expectations. One shouldn’t set the bar too high at the outset or make unilateral, unrealistic demands.

The key to solving the issue lies in not being a prisoner of history and breaking the cycle of mistrust. It will be useful to work out a general roadmap for denuclearization and the establishment of a peace regime. Based on the roadmap and in a phased and synchronized fashion, specific, interlinked and mutually reinforcing steps may be identified, which will be taken in sequence, starting with the easier ones, and monitored in a way agreed to by the parties.

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation

As President Xi has said, the Belt and Road Initiative originates in China, but its benefits are shared by the world. We have reason to hope and believe that the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will be a great success and another milestone in BRI cooperation.

The Meng Wanzhou Case

The recent action against a particular Chinese company and individual is by no means a pure judicial case, but a deliberate political move to bring them down.

We support the company and the individual in question in seeking legal redress to protect their own interests and refusing to be victimized like “silent lambs”. People can tell right and wrong; justice will have its day.

What we are standing up for is not just the interests of a company, but also a country or a nation’s legitimate right to development – and by extension, the basic right of all countries who wish to climb up the technology ladder.

China-Europe Relations

Europe has always prided itself on its independence. We trust that as a key force in the world, Europe will surely keep its fundamental, long-term interests in mind, and pursue a China policy that is consistent, independent, and forward-leaning. We hope Europe will work with China to deepen all areas of our mutually beneficial cooperation, uphold international rules and contribute to global peace.

China-US Relations

The China-US relationship has gone through a lot in the last 40 years. We have made historic progress, but also face new challenges. The most important thing we can learn from the past is that China and America stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation. Although a great deal has changed in the world and in both countries, this valuable lesson still holds true today and must continue to guide our interactions. We must stay the course without any doubts.

Even as China and America engage in cooperation, there may also be some competition. This is normal in international relations. The key is to put things in perspective. Exaggerating our competition out of all proportion would squeeze our space for cooperation. The right attitude is to focus on expanding our cooperation, which is in our mutual interest. We hope the two sides will pursue shared goals, foster healthy competition while deepening our cooperation, and strive for win-win outcome as we seek our own countries’ development. 

China-Russia Relations

Marked by deep political trust, win-win economic cooperation and mutual support in the international arena, our relationship is held up as a good example of how major countries should interact with one another. A strong Sino-Russian relationship both delivers huge benefits to our people and contributes significantly to peace and stability in our region and globally.

When China and Russia stand together, the world will be a safer and more peaceful and stable place.


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