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China opposes unilateral sanctions against N.Korea
China will not follow the US in imposing unilateral sanctions on North Korea, and the possible deployment of an advanced US missile defense system in South Korea will only complicate the security situation.
Some choose to stay for good after the New Year reunion
Experts believe the homecoming rural people will bring development to the countryside and improve the livelihood of the rural children and elderly. However, more government support is called for.
FM slams UK report on Hong Kong
Foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said in a Friday statement that China is strongly displeased with and firmly opposed to the UK government report on Hong Kong.
6 million Chinese people enjoy Spring Festival abroad
Even though China witnessed a weakening of the RMB at the beginning of 2016, it did not stop around 6 million Chinese people from going on shopping sprees abroad.
China to study gravitational waves
A new gravitational waves research project is awaiting governmental approval as China steps up its efforts to study the phenomenon, after a team of US scientists announced their historic discovery of gravitational waves on Thursday.
Countries boost efforts to curb Zika, vaccines expected in 18 months
Many countries have raised their alert levels or boosted their efforts against the Zika virus as scientists race to develop a vaccine for Zika, but the WHO says vaccines could come out in at least 18 months.

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