China commemorates the 70th annv. of the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression
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Grand V-Day Parade Countdown
Less than 24 hours to go! The grand V-day parade will start at 10 am, Thursday, Sept. 3, Beijing time. People’s Daily Online will broadcast the event live to viewers.
China's first 6,000-m underwater robot developed successfully
The project of practical transformation of China's first unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) has passed acceptance recently. It indicates the 6,000-meter AUV has been developed successfully.
Commentary: Debates on V-Day Parade Indicate China's Progress
Everyone seems to have their own concerns about the V-Day parade. Chinese people have become more willing to express their own feelings, share their personal experiences, and take different perspectives.
China's satellite-guided military parade
China's self-developed Beidou system will facilitate the parade from space, marking its first deployment for a military parade.
China's economy shows no much sign yet of slowing down
"China's economy shows no much sign yet of slowing down." Ning Jizhe, the deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission explained the current macroeconomic situation in China.
China's first 3D-printed hip joint approved to mass production
China's first 3D-printed human implant, artificial hip joint, has got approval to register by the State Food and Drug Administration recently, which means that it is allowed to mass production.

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