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Advice, criticism can help govt 'see solutions'
Xi called for giving full play to the system of democratic centralism, promoting expression and exchanges of differing ideas and opinions and improving the mechanism to ensure consultation.
China issues white paper on human rights progress over 70 years
China on Sunday published a white paper on its progress in the field of human rights over the past 70 years.>>Full Text
China creates miracle in poverty reduction
Poverty was prevalent in rural China for a long time after the founding of the People's Republic of China. The proportion of rural population living below the poverty line was 97.5 percent at the end of 1978, or 770 million people.
The revival of rural economy: ecological and cultural industries boom in Chinese villages
"The cultural and natural preservation and promotion have brought wealth, as well as a feeling of contentment and happiness to our residents."
China remains attractive to investors as business environment improves
The country was among the top 20 most-innovative economies, ranking 17th in the Global Innovation Index 2018 released by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
China's time-honored brands find their way to rejuvenate
China's time-honored brands must catch up with the times and find their way back to the frontier of consumer attention.
Behold! Light shows held across China to celebrate 70th anniversary of PRC's founding
People’s Daily Online designed the large-scale light show, themed “Confess My Love to China” as a gift for the fast approaching 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

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