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Overseas journalists invited to cover China's V-Day celebrations
Domestic and overseas journalists are welcome to cover events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Beijing next month, the event's publicity team said on Monday.
China no more a pushover in international trade disputes
Chinese companies encountered 37 trade remedy cases between January and June, down 30 percent on a year-on-year bases.
Celebrity's egg freezing sparks debates
Recently, news of famous Chinese actress Xu Jinglei freezing her eggs in the U.S. has become a hot topic online. Her action has sparked a debate over the safety and usefulness of egg freezing. The practice is, however, considered somewhat taboo.
A Japanese orphan's memory of his Chinese adoptive mother
"If my Chinese mother did not adopt me, we would not have today's interview. She saved my life and also raised me up. I can never forget her kindness in my life," says Nitaguchi Kunihiro.
Man’s leg amputated after Shanghai mall escalator collapses
The lower left leg of a Shanghai mall staff was amputated after an escalator collapsed Saturday, leading to renewed concerns over escalator safety.
Nearly 20,000 children under 14 die in traffic accidents every year in China
Nearly 20,000 children under 14 die in traffic accidents every year in China.The accidents largely arise from lack of necessary safety protection measures,that is,children safety seats.

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