China commemorates the 70th annv. of the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression
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Chinese-made largest UAV makes maiden flight in Gansu
China's domestic-made largest UAV made maiden flight in China's Gansu province on Aug. 30. With more than twice as large as the previous one of the same kind, it leads the world both in size and take-off weight.
Karamay oilfield generated over 300 mln tons of oil in 6 decades
Being the first oil field found in China, Karamay oilfield has generated 300 million tons of crude oil since its discovery 6 decades ago.
KMT and CPC veterans attend V-Day parade together
Veterans of the KMT and the CPC will be invited to jointly attend the military parade for the first time in order to demonstrate the spirit of national unity in war.
Organ donation from a hero
To rescue people from the bus, soldier Mei Xiong got severely hit on the highway. After several day of resuscitating, the hero's situation kept going worse. Mei's family decided to donate his organs.
Ivy-covered house witnesses love of 23 years
Sun Sufang, 65, sits in a chair in the front of an ivy covered house at the end of Junxing Road in Ziyang City, Sichuan province on Aug 26. The house behind her is about to be demolished by local government.
Chinese pensioners overseas to benefit from rule change
Chinese retirees living overseas have been given a simplified procedure to renew their pension qualification status.

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