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President Xi outlines position on 13th five-year plan
Chinese President Xi Jinping said the 13th five-year plan period (2016-2020) will be crucial, and governments at all levels should foresee the major trends and plan economic and social development.
China exercises 'maximum restraint' on South China Sea issues
While China has a firm resolve to defend the country's national sovereignty, maritime rights and interests, it advocates solving disputes through negotiation and maintains "maximum restraint".
Coal industry seeks green path as price plummets
In 2015, China should seek a green and sustainable development path for the coal industry in response to a round of inevitable falls in the coal price.
Chinese employees witness average salary increase of 9%
An report released by National Bureau of Statistics finds that Chinese employees witness average salary increase of over 9% in the year of 2014, with salary in private sectors increasing faster than non-private sectors.
America's irresponsible actions detrimental to stability of the South China Sea
The United States has been aggravating the situation in the South China Sea recently through a series of irresponsible actions which have interfered with regional stability.
Chinese publisher debuts in New York Times Square
A publicity video for China Publishing Group is being braodcasted on the biggest LED screen in New York Times Square. The video, which debuted on May 26, will be played 110 times a day and 30 seconds each time until June 4.

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