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FM calls on Singapore to respect China’s sea stance
China's foreign ministry called on Singapore to respect China's stance on the South China Sea issue on Tuesday, a further indication that China is upset about Singapore's enthusiasm for an increasing US presence in the Asia-Pacific region.
Missile that downed MH17 came from Russia, says joint investigation team
The Buk missile that downed flight MH17 was brought from Russia, fired from a region in eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian rebels.
Chinese navy to receive first sailing training ship 'Polang'
A formation ceremony for a new navy fleet was held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province on Sept. 26. Within the new fleet is China's first sailing training ship, "Polang."
Wanda vs. Disney: Which theme park will prevail?
Undeterred by competition with Shanghai Disney, opened in June, Wanda Group remains optimistic about its odds for theme park dominance in the Chinese mainland.
Tricky questions from Chinese national law exam go viral
China’s National Judicial Exam has made a splash online after several of its tricky questions were shared publicly. The exam is designed to assess whether an examinee is qualified to practice law in China.
Public outraged over 'Mediterranean-style' town in ethnic minority region
The project has triggered widespread objections over the possibility that it will damage local culture and ecology.

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