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China, Peru to diversify trade focus
China and Peru signed deals on Friday to cooperate on industrial production and transportation in an effort diversify a bilateral economic exchange that had been focused on natural resources.
Chinese troops ask U.S.military jet to leave Nansha Islands: FM
Chinese troops asked a U.S. military jet approaching the Nansha Islands to change course by radio, a foreign ministry spokesperson confirmed on Friday.
Why Bill Gates says 'bet on yuan'
Bill Gates' enthusiasm for the yuan shows that the internationalization of the RMB has had a noticeable impact on global big businesses and the international monetary system.
AIIB agrees on text as Japan’s aid plan launched
China and other members of the AIIB have wrapped up negotiations over the text of the organization's charter, a day after Japan unveiled a plan to provide $110 billion in aid for Asian infrastructure projects.
Arabic classes give Silk Road a voice
It's been 2,000 years since emissaries from the Middle East first gathered in Xi'an, the easternmost metropolis on the Silk Road, and Arabic classes remain popular among city residents today.
Internet becomes conduit in military espionage cases
Two men have been sentenced while another has been arrested for sharing classified information in China's Jiangsu province.

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