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Chinese medical team arrives in quake-stricken Nepal for humanitarian mission
A 58-strong Chinese Government Medical Team arrived in Nepal Monday morning to carry out a humanitarian mission.
At least 20 dead, 58 injured in Tibet following Nepal earthquake
At least 20 people were confirmed dead in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region from the earthquake that struck neighboring Nepal on Saturday.
Police seize first 'most wanted' fugitive
Chinese police have captured Dai Xuemin, the first most wanted fugitive nabbed since Interpol issued arrest warrants for 100 missing officials.
PLA navy micro blog goes full steam ahead
The blog will publicize important navy events and provide information, publish recruitment notices, and outline the history, achievements and etiquette of the service.
Neighborly visits on border
Visitors can tour the DPRK-operated restaurants, buy the country's products or enter its territory by cruising the shared Yalu River.
China leads in many high-speed rail aspects
In short, China's high-speed railways are good in quality and competitive in price, and will definitely be better in the future.

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