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China adheres to peaceful development

(People's Daily Online)

15:51, February 19, 2013

Key Words: peaceful development ; China’s diplomacy

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The key to predicting China’s diplomacy lies in realizing the country’s firm adherence to the path of peaceful development. Today’s China has greater strength to stick to this path, and any country that fails to take China’s adherence seriously is bound to make wrong predictions.

The image and economy of the United States have declined over the past 10 years since it launched the Iraq War, while China has maintained rapid growth and walked to the center of the international stage as the world’s second largest economy. It is easy to imagine how the two countries’ distinctly different experiences will go down in history.

Paying attention to the strategic interaction between the two major powers on the two sides of the Pacific is conducive to grasping international changes in the past and future, but it should be noted that China has its own development path, and has never been under the shadow of U.S. strategies. Its strategic opportunity period is not granted by the United States, or created by loopholes.

Before the 9/11 attacks, Bush administration had indeed planned to increase containment of China, and said that it would make clear its stance on the Taiwan issue, which greatly damaged China-U.S. relations.

China embarked on the path of peaceful development long ago. The painful experiences brought about by war and poverty in the last century have made Chinese people realize the great value of peace and urgency of development. While pursuing its own peaceful development, China has been committed to safeguarding world peace and promoting the common development and prosperity of all countries. The path of peaceful development suits China’s national conditions and the theme of the times. It has been a long-term policy from the very beginning, and will not be affected by external forces.

It can be concluded that even if George W. Bush increased containment of China in economy and other fields at the time, China would continue to adhere to the path of peaceful development.

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