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The US-EU Free Trade Agreement faces an unpredictable future

(People's Daily Online)

08:06, February 17, 2013

With the clear position that the U.S. President Obama said in the Feb. 12 State of the Union and the message declared by President of the European Commission Barrozo, the Free Trade Agreement negotiations between the United States and Europe will start undoubtedly.

It is natural for the United States and Europe, trade partners with close political and economic relations, to start Free Trade Agreement negotiations against a background of regional economic integration throughout the world.

However, how the proposed U.S.-E.U. Free Trade Agreement negotiations will influence the fairness and reasonableness of the global economic and trade rules can hardly be predicted, because the United States and the Europe are likely to force Doha Round to accept unreasonable proposals by outflanking it with regional economic integration.

The United States has once succeeded in outflanking the global multilateral free trade negotiations under the WTO/GATT framework with regional economic integration. Progress in North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations and the GATT Uruguay Round is a typical example.

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