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China hopes to deepen pragmatic cooperation with Slovakia: Chinese vice premier


09:42, February 16, 2013

Key Words: Slovakia ; Hui Liangyu; China-Slovakia

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BRATISLAVA, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- China was willing to deepen pragmatic cooperation with Slovakia in all fields, said Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu on Friday during a meeting with the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Hui said that China attaches great importance to developing ties with Slovakia, and it is China's firm policy to further develop friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries.

He said that China wishes to work with Slovakia in actively tapping the potential of cooperation in various fields to benefit the two peoples.

Hui said China actively supported the European Union's efforts in dealing with the sovereign debt crisis, and has provided Europe with assistance within its own means.

A sound Chinese economy is conducive to the European economy and the world economy at large, said Fico, adding that Slovakia was ready to work with China to enhance their political, trade, agricultural and people-to-people exchanges and cooperations.

The prime minister said that Slovakia wishes to promote the mutual investment and welcomes Chinese enterprises to participate in the infrastructure construction of Slovakia, and his country is willing to promote the pragmatic cooperation between central and eastern European countries and China to a new level.

During the visit, Hui also witnessed the signing of memorandums on deepening agricultural cooperation and on promotion of cooperation of small and medium enterprises between the two countries.

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