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China's UAV into a period of fast progress

(People's Daily Online)

08:33, February 07, 2013

Key Words: UAV; airplane; frontier guarding; military

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Thanks to the increasingly advanced support systems, China's UAV is progressing in all aspects. In his interview with Outlook Weekly, Wei Yiyin, head of the Third Research Institute of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, said that although the UAV industry in our country developed later than the world's large UAV exporters, the domestic UAV was progressing rapidly thanks to the country's loosening of airspace control, improving customer approvals, and advancing technologies.

"In general, the UAV is still in a early stage around the world. Its development paths and application models are still under investigation." Military expert Chen Hu said in the interview that happily, China is catching up in this aspect.

"It is easier to develop UAV technology than ordinary airplanes because its light weight, small size, and the advantage of flying with no pilot onboard." According to Chen Hu, this is why the UAV is booming throughout the world. In addition to this, the UAV industry also includes flight control systems, navigation systems, data recycling systems, launch/recovery systems, and power supply systems that form a complete set of support.
It is learned from the expert that these support systems pose the real challenge in the UAV development. Chen Hu said that one important reason for the large progress China UAV has made in recent years is the obvious achievements of related support systems.

He said that breakthroughs have been made in at least two areas. First, the construction of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System is advancing smoothly; second, the successful development of the early-warnng aircraft system shows that China has achieved the high-speed data link.

"Longer cruising time and far more effective monitoring and patrol are achievable because of the UAV's ability to operate without the physiological limitations of humans. The costs are also much lower than ordinary airplanes", said Chen Hu.

From the development practices overseas, it can be told that in addition to its extensive applications in the military, the UAV has unique advantages both in security, frontier guarding, rescue and other civil areas, especially in complicatedly dangerous aerial activities.

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