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The ungainly dance of Shinzo Abe

(People's Daily Online)

09:48, February 06, 2013

Recently, the new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a series of statements of regarding the China-Japan relations, U.S.-Japan relations and domestic policies, which convey to the public inexplicit information. Why did this happen? I think it's mainly because of the complicated situations and challenges that Abe is now confronted with.

From the view of historical evolution, Japan is currently facing the rising of neighboring powers. Before the 1990s, the development of Japan had experienced a defeat of World War II, yet still played leading role in Asia.

However, times have changed. China and South Korea in East Asia have already risen and Taiwan and the DPRK are no longer the "pushovers". With the Southeast Asian countries progressively seeking development, Japan should make prudent planning and decisions as to what courses it should follow in future.

Japan keeps love-hate relationship with the United States. The reason of love lies in that America still considers Japan as the key partner in maintaining the security and interests of the western pacific and even supports Japan in coping with the rise of China. The reason of hate lies in that America still keeps a tightening ring over Japan's head which dates back to World War II, dominating the choices and directions of almost the entire Japanese politics, economy and security policies.

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combackkid at 2013-02-0698.112.156.*
Japan demographic is declining in population, more aging people and her economy stagnant to declining. The younger Japanese is moderate leaning to more of western culture. Japan is linked to U.S. but home in S. E. Asia region. Unless Japan finds her direction, maintain peaceful coexistent with neighbor, the country is isolated and failing. China should look at Japan with alert mind as Japan is very devious people. For China to do well peacefully, China have to neutralize the military alliance of U.S., Japan and S. Korea in the region.

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