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China and Russia hold maritime parade

(China Military Online)

09:32, July 12, 2013

VLADIVOSTOK, July 11 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese and Russian warships taking part in the China-Russia maritime joint exercise codenamed "Maritime Joint Exercise 2013" completed the exercise on such subjects as joint search and rescue, live-ammunition firing and so on, and held a maritime parade on July 10, 2013, marking a complete success of the actual-troop drill of the joint exercise.

The drill on the subject of joint search and rescue kicked off at around 09:00. A freighter and an oil tanker collided in a sea area, and five ships of the Chinese and Russian sides rushed to their rescue. While the rescue ships occupied their places, a search helicopter on Russia's "Admiral Novigradoff" anti-submarine warship took off and China's "Yantai" guided missile frigate launched lifeboats to rescue the drowning people. Besides, Russian sailors boarded the ships in distress by rescue boats to deal with accident.

At noontime, the drill on the subject of use of actual weaponry on sea followed. During the nearly-one-hour drill, the warships of the two sides shot live ammunition at seaborne, airborne and underwater targets, and succeeded in destroying all the floating and flying targets on the sea and in the air respectively.

At about 15:00, the Chinese and Russian warships which had successfully completed live-ammunition firing held a maritime parade in the drill area. In military music, a total of 13 warships and 3 fixed-wing aircraft of the two navies that participated in the joint exercise lined up in a single column, passed through the "Varyag" cruiser of the Russian Pacific Fleet on the sea and in the air successively, and accepted the review by the chief directors of the Joint Directing Department of the two sides.

After the parade, the two sides withdrew their troops, marking the end of the actual-troop drill of the maritime joint exercise codenamed "Maritime Joint Exercise 2013".

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