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Commentary: Japan-U.S. joint drill is to respond to China-Russia joint military exercise

(China Military Online)

09:33, July 11, 2013

BEIJING, July 10 (ChinaMil) -- China-Russia maritime joint military exercise entered into the phase of actual-troop drills on July 8. Almost at the same time Japan and the United States dispatched 16 fighter aircraft to hold a joint cruise drill in the waters and aerial space of Hokkaido. The Japan-U.S. joint military drill site was less than 800 kilometers from the waters where the China-Russia military exercise was held. In terms of the time frame, the Japan-U.S. joint drill coincided with the actual-troop drills of the China-Russia joint military exercise.

With regards to the above-mentioned situation, Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, a renowned military expert, believed that Japan and the United States intentionally arranged such a drill for the purpose of responding to the China-Russia maritime joint exercise.

Was it a pure coincident for the Japan and the United States to hold a joint cruise drill at such sensitive time and place in relation to the China-Russia joint military exercise? Addressing this question, Yin Zhuo stated bluntly that: "It is definitely not a coincidence. Japan and the United States intentionally arranged such a joint drill."

According to Yin Zhuo, after China and Russia announced the maritime joint military exercise to be held in the Sea of Japan, the United States and Japan immediately announced the time and place of the Japan-U.S. joint drill. The purpose was so obvious. In fact, Japan and the United States had already forecast a joint drill although its time frame wasn't announced, until China and Russia announced the time of their military exercise. Moreover, this Japan-U.S. joint drill was not a routine drill and won't use live ammunition. Therefore, it is evident that the Japan and the United States improvised this drill in response to the China-Russian maritime joint military exercise. It carried rather a political significance than a military one.

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