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China-Russia naval joint exercise to be normalized and institutionalized

(China Military Online)

09:39, July 12, 2013

The picture shows Ding Yiping, deputy commander of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN), and Chirkov, commander of the Russian Navy, observe the China-Russia maritime joint military exercise " codenamed "Maritime Joint Exercise 2013" on July 10, 2013. (

VLADIVOSTOK, July 11 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese and Russian chief directors of the "Maritime Joint Exercise 2013" held a joint press conference at the Pier of Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok on July 10, 2013. At the conference, Ding Yiping, chief director of the Chinese side and deputy commander of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN), stated that: "From now on, the friendly cooperation between Chinese and Russian navies will be further developed, and the exercise will gradually develop towards normalization and institutionalization."

When answering the reporter's question about the future cooperation between the navies of the two countries, Ding Yiping said that he had already held comprehensive exchanges with Admiral Chirkov, commander of the Russian Navy, and touched upon the next step of the naval cooperation between the two navies. China and Russia will conduct a research on and make a summary of this joint military exercise and jointly discuss the issues related to future cooperation.

Leonid Sukhanov, Russia's chief director of the joint exercise and deputy chief of staff of the Russian Navy, also spoke highly of the exercise. "The organization of such a large-scale exercise is very complicated. However, the close cooperation and coordination between the joint command and the fleet command as well as among all warships have demonstrated that this maritime joint exercise is a high-level one," said Sukhanov.

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