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Y-20 joins the ranks of world's top-10 large military transport aircraft

(People's Daily Online)

08:53, February 05, 2013

The Y-20 is a large multipurpose military transport aircraft independently developed by China, and can perform long-distance cargo and personnel transport tasks under complex weather conditions. Large transport aircraft for military or civilian use have a minimum takeoff weight of over 100 tons. Large and medium-sized military transport aircraft are an important part of China's air force.

The Y-20 beat most other large military transport aircraft in the world in various aspects, and will greatly promote the Chinese air force's evolution into a strategic air force after it enters service.

International media outlets have ranked the Y-20 among the world's top-10 large military transport aircraft. According to available information, the Y-20 has a maximum takeoff weight of 200 tons and a maximum payload of 66 tons. It outdoes Russia's Ilyushin Il-76 whose maximum payload is 50 tons, and is undoubtedly a world-class large military transport aircraft.

Military expert Ge Lide said that the number, performance, and payload of large military transport aircraft are three major factors used to determine whether a country owns a "strategic air force." The overall strength of China's air force will achieve a qualitative leap once the Y-20 officially enters services.

Song Xiaojun, a famous military expert and editor-in-chief at the Naval and Merchant Ships magazine, said that as a latecomer to the field of large military transport aircraft, China has applied many new technologies on the Y-20. After the maiden flight, the Y-20 is in its final stage of development, and may be further improved through the application of certain new technologies.

It is worth noting that China disclosed information about the Y-20's successful maiden flight in a timely fashion. This shows the country's sincerity in enhancing military transparency as well as its great ability to cope with a changing international environment and firm determination to ensure national security.

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