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Handling DPRK nuke test shouldn't end up as lose-lose situation

(People's Daily Online)

10:37, February 06, 2013

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The DPRK nuclear crisis is actually the crisis of the entire region, with which the international community should unanimously work together to tackle in order to avoid the escalation of the tensions.

According to the reports of South Korean media, the South Korean Unification Ministry said on Monday that given the current available information, there is great possibility that the DPRK conducts a third nuclear test in the near future, and it does not rule out the possibility that they utilize highly enriched uranium as the nuclear fuel.

The DPRK nuclear test is not conducive to the stability of the security of Northeast Asia, and it is also not conducive to own development. This is the consensus of the entire international community, but it's hard for the DPRK to accept this view. The existence of such disagreement comes with complicated historical and practical reasons. Giving up the achievements of six-party talks and inflexibly adhering to the stance which differs from that of the international community, the DPRK has paid price for domestic economy development and international image. A new nuclear test will only result in the repellence of the international community.

If, however, the game of the DPRK's nuclear impulsive behavior remains in the continuous loop of "satellite launching, nuclear testing, condemn and sanction", the denuclearization of the Peninsula shall end up with no solutions, and probably bring about unpredictable happenings. The security of Northeast Asia is likely to evolve from one tipping point to multi tipping points, from the partial uncontrollability to a massive uncontrollability, leading the denuclearization efforts of this region to a negative sum game. This shall not be neglected.

As a neighbor the Peninsula, China shares greater risk and challenge than other parties in tackling the nuclear crisis. Therefore, it comes with greater determination and sincerity in solving the peninsular issues. Facing a new round of nuclear crisis, China should be prepared to ensure the security of this region and make the international community aware clearly the risk of individual action in coping with the nuclear crisis at the same time. Most importantly, China should try to relieve the DPRK's impulse to conduct nuclear test by establishing strategic mechanism when keeping targeted deployment on standby for the nuclear test. Only in this way could the nuclear crisis and the nuclear crisis initiators be restrained.

Read the Chinese version: 应对朝鲜试核不能成为负和博弈, source: Beijing News, author: Xu Lifan

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