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New type of China-US relations is not empty concept

(People's Daily Online)

14:59, February 05, 2013

The Asia-Pacific region enjoys an increasingly prominent position in the international political and economic layout by virtue of continued rapid development. The United States pays more and more attention to the region and wants to share the fruits of its prosperity. In this regard, the Asian countries are able to understand.
In the past century, the United States has always been playing an important part in the affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. No one is trying to shun the United States from involvement in the development process of the region. The implicit "strategic preset" in the so-called "return to Asia" or "turn to Asia" policy of the United States is completely unnecessary, and even harmful.
As one of the important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China has been committed to its own peaceful development while making important contributions to regional prosperity and stability. The path of peaceful development is the heritage and development of traditional Chinese culture as well as the inevitable conclusion drawn by the Chinese people after suffering many difficulties ever since the modern times.

China-U.S. relations have gone through a bumpy road. The current cooperative situation is hard-won and should be cherished. Both countries are faced with their heavy tasks for their own development as well as many regional and global challenges. The United States and China must deepen cooperation in the process of shaping the future of the international system. There are many issues to be discussed and to be done by and between the two countries. The construction of a new type of China-U.S. relations is not wishy-washy.
The life style of human beings and the mode of international relations are undergoing profound changes. The correct choice of China-U.S. relations is to avoid repeating the historical mistakes of hegemony between big powers and carry out healthy competition to achieve win-win. Inter-suspicion would generate obstacle for the establishment of friendship. It is not the appropriate way to become friends if one side wants to cooperate but the other side assumes a posture of confrontation. Economic cooperation accompanied by security confrontation is unlikely to sustain.
The smooth advance of China-U.S. cooperation should be based on mutual trust and mutual respect for each other's core interests. China and the United States should not only properly deal with the contradictions and differences but also make effort to explore solutions to the existing problems. Only by replacing the cold war mentality with peaceful cooperation mentality, and replacing confrontation and curbs with contact and dialogues, can healthy development of China-U.S. relations be achieved.

Currently, the two countries should seize the opportunity, openly engage in dialogue, carry out practical actions to inject positive energy into their relations, and jointly construct a new type of relations featuring mutual respect and win-win.

Read the Chinese version at: 新型大国关系不是空洞概念, Source: People's Daily, Author: Zhong Sheng

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