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How will China's 4G standard win?

(People's Daily Online)

14:38, February 05, 2013

"When it came to the topic of TD-SCDMA in the international conferences, the foreign attendees would usually leave for coffee breaks. Because, they had strong belief that the standard set by China wouldn’t get commercialized,” secretary general of the TD Industry Alliance Yang Hua recalled.

At that time, the Chinese enterprises concentrate only on the low end processing phases and the operators had no experience in new technology application.

"The standard is for the service of the industry. It means nothing without the support of a sturdy industry,” remarked frankly by the vice president and general engineer Chen Shanzhi of Datang Telecom which possesses the core international standard intellectual property of TD—LTE 4G.

TD-LTE, the standard for 4G whose research and development was led by China, became one of the two international 4G standards in 2012. However, this time, it won a hot response.

As of November last year, the standard was listed by 59 operators world-wide as their commercial plan, of which, 12 have realized its commercialization.

From “running after 3G” to “leading 4G”, Chen Shanzhi has witnessed the whole changes.

"In the past decade, huge progress has been made in the development of the technology and industry chain in the Chinese mobile communications. The improved technical strengths of Chinese enterprises, their deep understanding and flexible application of the international standard setting rules, the huge market size in China and the increasingly frequent international cooperation, all of which enable the 4G standard to convince the world.”

How shall 4G win? “4G is to 3G what expressway is to the common road. “ Chen Shanzhi drew an analogy that compared with 3G, the data rate of 4G will be 10 to 100 times faster, which enables operating several apps simultaneouly and high definition video communication. Meanwhile, it activates many apps that used to be restricted due to bandwidth limitations and stimulates the emerging of many new apps because of the increasing network speed.

How will China’s 4G win? “Compared with another international standard FDD-LTE, TD-LTE has the advantage of being more suitable for the asymmetric mobile internet traffic,” Chen Zhishan pointed out.

According to the report, the 4G scale test of China Mobile’s TD—LTE will be expanded to at least 150 cities.

"For China, TD-LTE’s becoming the international standard of 4G is a brightest color of 'Made in China'," said Chen Zhishan.

Read the Chinese version: 我们的4G赢在哪; Source: People's Daily; Author: Yang Xu

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