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Clean Your Plate Campaign

(China Daily)

10:32, February 01, 2013


The campaign was initiated by nongovernmental organizations and activists, which urged people to save food by not wasting anything on the dining table. The campaign, launched on weibo, was soon joined by millions of netizens across China in a bid to curb food wastage and appreciate the virtue of being thrifty even in times of plenty.

The estimated annual wastage of grain in China is estimated to be 50 million tons, enough to feed about 200 million people for one year.

People from across the social divide support the clean your plate campaign. The Communist Party of China, too, has promised to take measures to reduce food wastage and follow an austere working style.

The authorities are trying their best to put an end to extravagant feasts and reduce expenses on receptions and banquets, because they have to take the lead in saving food, especially when taxpayers' money is used to create waste.

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