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They defend dignity of help recipients

(People's Daily Online)

17:22, January 30, 2013

People wait to eat noodles in the restaurant. (People's Daily)

Many people dine at a noodle restaurant to help the ill restaurant's owner

Li Gang, the owner of a noodle restaurant, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last October and needed 200,000 yuan for the operation. In a desperate situation, he posed a message on the Internet to seek help: "I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma recently and feel very depressed. My family condition is not good and I run a noodle restaurant. Can you come to my restaurant when you go out for dinner?"

This post caused a stir among the people just in a couple of days. Then diners, netizens and media initiated an activity to call for more people to dine at the noodle restaurant.

Now, a large number of people go to his restaurant for dinner and also some people go there not just for dinner: a customer once placed 500 yuan under the bowl when he left; some people who had no time to dine donated money directly.

Li Gang and his wife discussed and thought that life is not easy for everyone, so they hope that people support them by dining to their restaurant instead of donating. For those people who insist on donating, they will write down their names, so as to give the money back in the future, for those they have no way to know their names, they will donate the money to others who need help too.

Read the Chinese version:他们呵护了受助者尊严; People's Daily, author:Qu Changrong and Wu Qiqiang.

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