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Why world pays close attention to China's anti-corruption

(People's Daily Online)

08:56, January 28, 2013

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent speech about anti-corruption has attracted global attention. Why is the world so concerned about anti-corruption in China?

Firstly, anti-corruption work, especially in big countries, has always been an eye-catching issue around the world. Almost every country has the corruption phenomenon and no any system can ensure zero corruption.

Secondly, the world is very interested in the new policies of China after the 18th CPC National Congress. Can China's anti-corruption actions break the status quo? Can China establish new "anti-corruption confidence" after it has established confidence in socialist road, theory and system with Chinese characteristics? Both China and the world are expecting the answer.

Thirdly, having seen the determination of China, the world is looking forward to seeing its practical actions. "China will make great efforts to combat corruption with supervision of the whole Party and the people, making them see tangible effects and changes." Only in this way, can it win the people and eliminate social grievances.

The world expects the practical actions of China. "Strengthen control and supervision of the exercise of power to form a mechanism of punishing and preventing from the corruption." Only by practical actions, the leaders and cadres at all levels can keep in mind that no one has the absolute power beyond the law. In particular, the principal leaders of various departments should accept supervision of the people, so that they do not abuse power for personal gains.

The world is paying attention to how China catches the "tigers." The punishment of such provincial officials as Li Chuncheng is a manifestation that it is not empty talk that anyone will be punished severely if they violate the Party discipline and laws of China, no matter how high their positions are.

After the 18th CPC National Congress, the anti-corruption actions have achieved new results, which gave the people including oversea media new hopes. People believe that the Communist Part of China has the determination and ability to make the hopes come true.

Read the Chinese version:全球为何关注中国反腐败; Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition; Author:Yan Bing

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The world is watching the anti-corruption movement of China because if the movement is sucessful, the chance of western countries getting the hot money from corrupt officials and their family members will diminish tremendously. Right now, the west are getting the fat from China and will ultimately become theirs as the rich families from China will squander all their ill-gotten wealth.

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