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World hopes China to show its leadership

(People's Daily Online)

10:32, January 31, 2013

China should not only correct its internal imbalances, but also tell the world accurately what it will do next. (Photo/Xinhua)

Key Words: China’s development; Chinese leaders; world economy

Most countries in the world have a complex economic relationship with China. Many Western elites are worried that China's economic growth threatens their jobs, even the common people are often told that the global economic imbalance is caused by the "rise of China."

China has lifted 600 million people out of extreme poverty, and made the world's center of economic gravity gradually shift from the Atlantic to East Asia. It is difficult even for a small or medium sized economy to maintain long-term growth, but China, the world's most populous country, has maintained rapid economic growth for more than 30 years.

According to the Transatlantic Trends report recently released by the German Marshall Fund, the majority of American respondents believe that Asia is important to their country's national interests, but they also see China as an economic threat. This is a weird phenomenon. If an economically advanced region of a country greatly reduces the country's population living in poverty, halts the country's economic downward trend, and contributes 50 percent to the country's economic growth, the region will be exalted due to its economic leadership. However, the conclusion is completely changed when the "country" is replaced with "world," and "region" is replaced with "China."

China should not only correct its internal imbalances, but also tell the world accurately what it will do next. It should send a clear signal to the world that it is seeking to become a vital stakeholder rather than bystander in the world economy.

The world hopes China to show its leadership. When the West uses protectionism against China's sovereign wealth fund and tries to mislead investments from the real economy to the risky government bonds, China should give the West a warning. When the West's criticism to China economic policy is unreasonable, China should explain the policy immediately. China should show the seriousness of diplomacy through sincere communication, instead of just providing technical and engineering solutions to global economic issues.

Read the Chinese version at: 世界希望中国展示领导力, Source: People's Daily, Author: Ke Chengxing

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