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Old men in Beijing announce marriage

(Shanghai Daily)

10:46, January 31, 2013

The gay couple's Weibo microblog

The impending marriage of two old men in Beijing has caused quite a stir online, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

The gay couple, identified as "big treasure" and "small treasure," broke the news online yesterday and asked for other people's blessing. They also posted photos on their Weibo microblog, showing them hugging, one wearing a white wedding gown.

Their announcement soon captured many people's attention and drew different reactions.

The two old men said they met and fell in love in Beijing. One is a retired teacher. The other is a bottled water deliveryman from the rural area. Despite their differences in education and occupation, they are determined to live together.

Some Weibo users could not understand their relationship and questioned their motives. But the couple said it is true love that binds them. Some doubted their high-profile marriage announcement, but they respected their decision.

The two men already encountered problems with their families and friends who rejected their relationship. One man's child is no longer speaking to him, according to the paper.

The gay couple plans to hold a wedding in a few days. Though unable to get a marriage certificate from the government, they hoped well-wishers would come to witness and bless their union, the paper said.

China still bans homosexual marriage.

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