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Gay 'wedding' to call for rights

By Yan Shuang (Global Times)

14:08, February 15, 2012

Photo from Global Times

Two "gay couples" failed in a bid to register for marriage at the Chaoyang district registration office yesterday, when gay rights activists used Valentine's Day as an opportunity to make a statement to fight for the rights of homosexuals.

The two couples, one male, the other female, went to the office in the morning and asked to register as married couples, but were turned down by office employees, although they brought all the paperwork required.

"I told them it can't happen since homosexual marriage is not legally recognized in China," said Suo Na, deputy director of the registration office.

The couples brought marriage certificates they made themselves, and had a "wedding ceremony" outside the registration office, holding roses in their arms.

But it was just a gay community activity and the couples are not real boyfriends and girlfriends, said Guo Ziyang, activity organizer and executive director with Beijing LGBT Center. One of the women is not even gay, but was there to give her support to her friends in the LGBT community.

"We saw the results coming, but we went anyway. We just want to send a message to the government and the public that homosexuals also want and should have the right to get married," Guo told the Global Times.

"I thought we'd be driven out, but to my surprise, the office employees were very nice when they heard we wanted gay marriage," said Zhang Yunyi, one half of the female "couple" and LGBT center volunteer.

"The office employees offered us their blessings, and told us to wait until changes were made to the marriage law," she said.

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Beck at 2012-02-1775.104.163.*
Canada, The Netherland-s, Belgium, Spain, Norway and Sweden have legalized same-sex marrige. No evidence has come from any of those countries to tie gay marriage, or gay rights, to pedophilia, beastiality, or increased % of homosexuality through "grooming." Not a single shred of fact based evidence. Joke is on you and outdated biggotry.
Canada at 2012-02-1670.36.49.*
Gay marriage has proved very divisive in North America, especially in the U.S. It"s becoming more accepted in Canada, but bitterly opposed by many religious groups. My advice is to recognize and legalize civil ceremonies for gay marriage, but let every religion/church set their own policy; don"t force churches to perform gay marriage ceremonies.
GAM at 2012-02-16109.238.72.*
If tracker would be interested in history, then he"d know that homosexuality is as old as humanity itself. And if he"d be interested in biology, he"d know that homosexuality is not limited to humans.Just recently there was an article that millions of men in China cannot find a wife. And on the other hand gay men are forced by family and society to get married to a wife they neither want nor love.
Tracker at 2012-02-15122.107.87.*
Oh dear, I thought this sickness was only in the West and not in China. Gay marriage.. what a joke. Next they will be asking for adoption rights because they are unable to procreate and have a family which will lead to "grooming" of young boys and girls and paedophilia which is a big problem in the West now and suspiciously has grown in combination with the granting and liberalisation of gay rights. Marriage is a union between a man and women and let"s keep it that way please.

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