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Unclaimed train tickets back on sale

(China Daily)

09:08, January 31, 2013

The Ministry of Railways said more train tickets were returned than usual for the Spring Festival holiday, and there are still chances for passengers to get train tickets that were long sold out.

Some 40 percent of tickets booked through telephone have not been claimed, Beijing News reported on Jan 30.

Meanwhile, passengers returned an average of 460,000 train tickets each day from Jan 26 to 28, compared to the average 250,000 tickets returned daily during the last travel rush.

The ministry said that it is partly because train tickets go on sale 20 days before departure, compared to 12 days last year, which increased the possibility of passengers changing their schedules.

The ministry said unclaimed and returned train tickets will be put back into the system at 2 pm and at midnight. Passengers are suggested to check the online booking website at these two moments for available tickets.

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