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Skyfall and 007's flamboyant gadgets


16:27, January 31, 2013


"Skyfall", the 23rd improbable adventure film from the British Spy James Bond, has raked in more than 35 million US dollars since opening on January 21st. That in itself, a remarkable measure of how the world of espionage has changed since Bond first burst onto the silver screen 50 years ago. Richard Bestic in London has been looking at the old cold war warrior’s characteristically flamboyant calling cards: Explosions; Martinis and, of course, Gadgets.

Fighting for freedom and justice takes more than just dashing good looks and a sparkling wit. Over the years, it’s taken a fistful of gadgets to pull off Bond’s unlikely triumphs.

But the Bond gadget that has been consistently voted number one for double ‘0’ Seven is the jet pack.

In real life things can be a little more difficult than a Bond stunt.

Stuart Ross, Europe’s only Rocket man .. has been trying to get off the ground for eight years.

And despite spending a quarter of a million dollars, the professional British pilot is yet to take to the air. Although he remains determined.

Stuart Ross, European rocket man, said:"It’s a lot more fun."

Apart from his gadgets, 007 is known for suave tastes.

Richard Bestic, London, said:"Legend has it that the inspiration. "

And even the Queen of England has endorsed Bond, pairing up for a starring role at the Opening of the London 2012 Olympics.

But Bond remains what he’s always been, among the world’s most successful multi-billion dollar movie franchises.

And with his move into China, Bond’s success is about to go viral.

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