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Film fans, experts call for censorship fix


15:46, January 31, 2013

Skyfall (CNTV Photo)

The latest Bond flick, Skyfall, hit China’s big screen last week on January 21st. But moviegoers are raising eyebrows at the version they saw. The editing of "Skyfall" for Chinese audiences, has prompted movie fans and experts to call for reforms to the country’s movie censorship system.

Changes to the 200 million US dollar blockbuster include the removal of a scene in Shanghai in which a Chinese security guard is shot by a French gunman and Bond’s lines asking about a woman being forced into prostitution.

On the Chinese mainland, all imported movies are censored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Censors often cut overly violent or pornographic scenes before a film hits the big screen here. Some moviegoers are complaining about the changes.

"I want to see the original version. Cuts can make the story line of the movie look awkward. It may even become hard for us to understand the whole story because every detail of a movie is meaningful."

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