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James Bond's car appears in Shanghai

By Xu Fangliang (CNTV)

15:28, January 23, 2013

007 car on display in Shanghai (

Also on Monday, the lastest James Bond movie "Skyfall" opened in China. Agent wannabe's worldwide are drooling over the chic gadgets and luxuries that make James Bond just about the coolest spy in fiction history. And such is especially so right now in Shanghai. Accompanying the city's premiere of the latest Bond movie "Skyfall", is the Aston Martin DB5 that was driven in 1964's Goldfinger - one of Bond's most iconic cars.

Like a growing number of big-budget international films, Skyfall contains a few scenes shot here in Shanghai. Viewers will spot several local landmarks in the film, including the Pudong International Airport where a car chase starts, and many of the city's tunnels and elevated roads.

Bond even takes a swim in a pool on top of this skyscraper in Lujiazui.

It's so exciting that the place I live was on the screen.

"I think Shanghai is a beautiful city, so that's why lots of filmmakers choose to put it in their movies."

The British Consulate has brought James Bond's car to Shanghai this week. It is now on display at the International Finance Center in Pudong. Bond first drove the car in Goldfinger, the third movie in the 007 franchise. Its arrival in town is big news for some Bond fans.

Mark Logan, movie fan, said," Very very excited. I know I've done a little research online, so I've seen the actual this DB5 car in the new Skyfall movie, just some of the images. I think the car is very British and it has quite a long history."

And another big fan, who says he has watched all 22 James Bond movies, is the British Consul-General in Shanghai.

Brian Davidson, British consul-general in Shanghai, said," It's everything that people should think about Britain, modern, dynamic, innovative and an extremely gorgeous car to drive in. They wouldn't let me drive myself. But I had a nice ride in the passenger seat."

Although the car is now 50 years old, Davidson says it is still functioning quite well, especially in the latest movie.

Brian Davidson said," The car is one of the stars of the new film Skyfall. And the film itself of course was shot partly here in Shanghai, but also in a number of iconic locations in Britain. So we hope that by having the car here, it will help promote the film, but it will also help remind people of some of the fabulous sights in Britain that they saw in the film, and make them want to to and visit."

The car will only be in Shanghai till Wednesday, before heading out on a tour of mainland cities including Beijing and Hangzhou.

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