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Expert: China not to recklessly carry out ASAT test

(People's Daily Online)

08:28, January 22, 2013

Key Words: anti-satellite test; ASAT; missile ; weapons; satellites

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China has always demonstrated a responsible attitude in the field of space activities and will not recklessly carry out such tests that will injure others as well as do harm to ourselves, said Senior Colonel Shao Yongling from PLA Second Artillery Command College in a recent interview with People's Daily Online.

Foreign media reported that China was preparing to launch an anti-satellite missile to shoot down its target in a high orbit. The Department of Defense and intelligence agencies of the United States also said China will launch a new anti-satellite test. Shao said that the debris generated by the high-orbital ASAT test would not only affect other countries but also ourselves.

Shao said that foreign media first reported that China had carried out a satellite missile test on Jan. 11, 2010; and then reported that China disclosed its J-20 stealth fighter jet for the first time on Jan. 11, 2011. From this, they inferred that China tends to carry out specific military activities on such a date.

Shao said that the organization of any weapons test is not as simple as people imagine. It takes a lot of time, energy, human and material resources, as well as the suitability of various conditions. Therefore, the choice of date is often fortuitous. Shao said that the foreign media are too subjective to make such conjecture.

Shao said that extreme prudence is required for high orbital ASAT test. If its orbit is low enough, the debris will slowly fall and not have much impact on the satellite flight of the entire space. Communications satellites and various meteorological satellites are all running in medium to high orbits. However, if we shoot down high-orbit satellites, the debris will not only affect the other countries but also affect our own territory.

Read the Chinese version: 邵永灵:反卫星试验损人不利己 中国不会随意举动
, source: People's Daily Online, author: Huang Zijuan, Zhang Jiexian

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Simon at 2013-05-02122.61.69.*
ASAT or not, so what? US created 90% of the space junk that currently exists.

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