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Hegemony of Japan-U.S. alliance

(People's Daily Online)

08:04, January 23, 2013

Key Words: hegemony; Hillary Clinton; Fumio Kishida; Japan-U.S. relations; Abe; Diaoyu Islands

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said after a recent talk with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida that although the United States did not hold its position on the ultimate sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, it recognized Japan's administrative jurisdiction over it and opposed any "unilateral act" infringing the administrative jurisdiction of Japan.

Abe and his men's visits to Southeast Asia finally got recognition of the United States.

In fact, the Japan-U.S. alliance is Japan's strategic foundation of "nationalizing" the Diaoyu Islands and the driving force of strategic objective of sea power.

Japan's exclusive "Sea Power Theory" proposes to strengthen the sea-power alliance of Japan and the United States, and seeks its strategic objective of sea power by relying on the United States' strategy of returning to Asia. In recent years, the eastward shift of the U.S. strategy has given Japan an opportunity to seize the Diaoyu Islands.

Then Japanese Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro said at the Senate Budget Committee on July 24, 2012 that Japan will include the Diaoyu Islands in the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, and stressed that it is a joint decision of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and him. This indicates that Japan hopes to contain China by using the U.S. strategic adjustment in Asia-Pacific and the Diaoyu Islands issue.

Later, the Japanese Defense Ministry reached an agreement with the United States on revising the Japan-US defense cooperation guidelines formulated in 1997, and Japanese officials immediately linked it with dealing with the rise of China. This is a basic document about the principle of joint actions and cooperation of Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. military.

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