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Low-key start for new-energy car plates

By Zha Minjie   (Shanghai Daily)

09:01, January 22, 2013

SHANGHAI'S new-energy car plates made a low-key entrance to the city's transport scene yesterday with only one being issued on the first day they were made available.

The plates are free as the city, China's first pilot city for the development of electric vehicles, encourages a move to cleaner energy cars.

However, only one vehicle management office issued a plate yesterday and the owner declined to be interviewed.

The city has three such offices at present that can issue plates for new-energy cars.

The plates are similar to normal car plates but start with the letters "DZ."

The issue of new-energy car plates comes at a time when the average auction price for a conventional car plate has soared above 75,000 yuan (US$12,045).

To encourage individuals to buy new-energy cars, the municipal government will pay a subsidy of 40,000 yuan for electric vehicles and 30,000 yuan for plug-in hybrids. Each type of vehicle will also get a free license plate.

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