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Attention to Africa should not be limited to "putting out the fire"

(People's Daily Online)

09:19, January 20, 2013

The situation in Mali deteriorated sharply in recent days. Government forces and northern militants are caught in fierce fighting. Requested by the government of Mali, France sent troops to the country while Africa and various Western nations promised to provide military and logistical support.

When observed meticulously, the Mali issue is complex because of the mixed fermentation of multiple contradictions including religious, tribal, social development, and extreme poverty. In Africa, especially in French-speaking African countries, such problems are more common. The Mauritanian coup, the Niger coup, and the Madagascar coup in the last few years are just a few examples. In these countries, the development lag constantly enlarges social contradictions, greatly undermines the stability of the regime, and in turn, increases the difficulty in promoting development.

Africa's problems can only be addressed in the process of constantly promoting the development. Without development, stability will be unlikely and the original problem will only worsen.

In the era of economic globalization, unless Africa becomes a stable growth pole, balanced and sustainable global growth is unlikely. A radical African scholar once said that the poor also possess three kinds of weapons in the contemporary world: the endless influx of refugees, a variety of infectious diseases, and the continued global warming.

Read the Chinese version: 关注非洲,不能只管“扑火”
Source: People's Daily
Author:Zhong Sheng

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