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Attention to Africa should not be limited to "putting out the fire" (2)

(People's Daily Online)

09:23, January 20, 2013

To achieve the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals and to reduce the impoverished population in Africa, the lack of money is not the biggest obstacle. Indifference is. It is this indifference that has "isolated" the poor African countries from the process of economic globalization. In recent years, because of the continuing economic crisis, the Western developed countries either "lacked the strength to accomplish what they wanted to" or "made a promise but not kept it" when it comes to investment into the cause of African development.

It is important to ensure Mali's stability. But providing continued assistance to such African countries to help them reduce the population of extreme poverty and start the development process as soon as possible is more important. Through this the fruits of development can benefit the general public. The international community should further strengthen their support for the comprehensive construction in Africa and help Africa improve its overall development ability and promote peace and stability in Africa to create a safe environment for its development.

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