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A book reading two countries


11:05, January 19, 2013

Ann Lee, author of the book "What the U.S. Can Learn from China." [File photo]

Ann Lee, a professor at New York University and former visiting professor of Peking University, gives her latest analysis of two very important countries in the world -- China and the U.S. -- in her latest book "What the U.S. Can Learn from China."

The book became a bestseller shortly after its publication and still ranks high on the listing.

A Chinese American, Lee is not just a scholar but also someone who has long been immersed in two different cultures, which gives the book its professional, authoritative and cross-cultural angles. After years of observing, researching and reflecting, Lee offered her views on how the U.S. needs to learn from China.

Lee's conclusion stems from her precise and deep perception of both countries. China is growing in a way totally different from the so-called traditional Western model, which makes it hard for Westerners to understand and accept. This feeling clearly comes from or contributes to a misunderstanding of China. As Josh Lerner, professor with Harvard Business School, commented in his review of the book, "Misconceptions abound about China and how it works today. Ann Lee's book takes a fresh and controversial look at the Chinese system and its strengths."

Lee said the reason for China's success over the past decades lies in its core values and methodologies that have been shaped by the nation's long history and have mentored the behaviors of several generations of Chinese. China's leaders prove that they can create positive change throughout their entire careers by installing wise policies for governing the country and winning the support of the public through their own efforts. Lee believes that this system of authority actually resonates strongly with Western values, and may even be used to strengthen today's democratic institutions.

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