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China's new weapons lagging behind advanced countries'

(People's Daily Online)

08:13, January 18, 2013

Key Words: weapons; J-31; jet fighter; aircraft carrier; military

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A large part of new domestic weapons including J-31 jet fighter, the first aircraft carrier of China, as well as WZ-10, WZ-19 and Yilong UAV exhibited at the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai of Guangdong have recently been exposed to the public.

Some media called the phenomenon a "blowout" of domestic weapons. China still has a gap with that of other advanced countries, and a new round of "blowout" is expected to appear, said Chen Hu, editor-in-chief of the World Military Affairs magazine.

Chen said foreign countries had long since developed their weapons and they even have been equipped with them substantially, which means that China can only shorten its gap with the advanced countries but is still far away from them. Most of the Chinese weapons are independently researched and developed, but more efforts needed in independent innovation.

To the question whether the phenomenon of "blowout" can continue and how long it will last, Chen said that it depended on whether the reasons for "blowout" exist. First, it refers to the natural phenomenon which still exists in the development of new military equipment. Some foreign countries have begun the development of new generation of military equipment based on the current ones such as the so-called "sixth-generation fighters" and new type strategic bombers. Second, it refers to the external environment. With the occurrence of a series of events in the surrounding areas of China including oceanic areas, China is bearing huge foreign military threat, which motivates it to develop new generation of weaponry. Third, China still has blank areas in some major weaponry and has a gap of over 20 years with the advanced countries, which implies that the conditions for China to pursue the advanced countries also exist.

Chen said, "The research and development of military equipment are cyclical so we are more likely to see an intermittent 'blowout.' We have reasons to look forward to the continuation of the current 'blowout' even a new one."

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naim ur rehman at 2013-01-20119.73.5.*
They way China is fast advancing in all industrial ,social and economic sectors, i am sure development of military hardware too is moving in the right direction.But One must not forget one great acheivement of China that while most of the western countries help each other in various fields China has to work alone without any support,thus developing the origional product which is commendable.Thanks
combackkid at 2013-01-2098.112.156.*
Japan is the leading country yelling of China threat theory follow by the U.S. China has a policy of peaceful co-existence and rise. By history Japan was the most aggressive country in the region attacking and conquering many countries. On the other side, U.S. is expanding the arm race by fanning China"s threat theory to sell as World number one country in weaponry sale foloow by Russia. The irony is Japan and U.S. are distorting the reality facts by using China threat theory to cover up their biggest threat to peace in the World. China have been attacked by foreign forces, England, Japan and others. China has the duty and rights for self-defense protecting her sovereignty, borders and sea lanes. It is the distortion of reality, facts and intention to use the threat theory of China, without proof to cover their own Japan and U.S. modern weaponry threat to World peace.
FC Leung Ki at 2013-01-19188.61.105.*
Why China should give so much publicity to its new weaponry. It sounds like boasting.
wende at 2013-01-1998.109.105.*
arm race should be carefully carry out as this is how USSR collapsed. Some maybe moved by profits. China cannot afford to throw good money on different weapon without careful study of its advantage and how big an advantage. Does China have the personnel to tackle these new weapons and use them effectively? Without trained and efficent personnel, weapons are useless.
elee at 2013-01-18183.39.5.*
It is best to develop your own weapons and gears with the best in you having the know-hows, human resources and raw materials. For as long as missiles and nukes can reach places of the perceived foes, then China has the time to play the catch-up games in outer space, air spaces, lands and seas. Chinese soldiers must be hardened many folds bodily, spiritually and psychologically!

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