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Children's book Plants vs. Zombies proves a hit

(CRI Online)

11:16, January 15, 2013

Kindergarten children give a dance performance at an event celebrating the rocketing sales of the book series "Plants vs. Zombies", hosted by the China Children's Press and Publication Group on Sunday, January 13, 2013 in Beijing. (

"Plants vs. Zombies", a popular online video game, has proven to be a success upon being adapted to a series of children's books. The books have created revenue amounting to 100 million yuan, according to a related celebratory event on Sunday.

President of the China Children's Press and Publication Group, Li Xueqian, says these books have been successful in convincing children to read rather than playing online video games. Li made the statement at an event that celebrated the books' rocketing sales since first being published in January 2012.

Some parents and experts often express worry about their children's' computer addiction, but today those same parents hail these game-related books for their positive interpretation of moral values portrayed through each of the stories related to battles between Plants and Zombies, including self-confidence, tolerance, bravery and kindness.

Insiders believe that books using content related to online video games represent a new trend that will generate diverse growth in the business of traditional publishers that deal mostly with print.

By March 2012, two million copies of "Plants vs. Zombies" were available on the market, and its sales volume exceeded five million by August 2012.

The celebration was held on the sidelines of the Beijing Book Trade Fair which concluded on Sunday afternoon.

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