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More creative porcelain with soul expected

(Shanghai Daily)

11:19, January 15, 2013

A rectangular plate by Liu Zheng (Shanghai Daily)

Today there is a lot of porcelain with superb but superficial technique, and no soul.

"Ancient Chinese royal power once pushed porcelain art to its incomparable pinnacle that has not been surpassed," says Hong Ming, organizer of a new, 600-piece exhibition by famous names and emerging talents in porcelain art. "Frankly speaking, porcelain art in China today is like a fallow field, it needs more time and patience to flourish again."

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The ongoing exhibition titled "Chime of China" at the Shanghai Library aims to provide a platform for young porcelain artists and inspire the public with the possibilities of porcelain. The show contains vessels, sculpture and painting on porcelain "canvases."

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