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The woman who quit school to teach in Africa

By He Na  (China Daily)

09:19, December 06, 2012

When Zhou Wan was recruited by the foreign affairs department of a well-known middle school in Chongqing, her parents were thrilled. After all, the job was a great start in the working life of the recent graduate of Sichuan International Studies University.

However, last year the 23-year-old made a decision that shocked her parents and relatives: She quit her job and joined a government-run volunteer program, offering her skills as a teacher of Chinese in Africa.

Despite her parents' objections, Zhou applied to work in Mauritius, an African island nation, for a year. At first, she found life difficult. Work at the middle school was hard and exhausting.

"The students there were very naughty, so we often shouted until we were hoarse. At the end of a day's teaching, my nerves were almost shredded," she admitted.

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