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Chinese governments go more transparent on web


09:15, December 06, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- China's government bodies are more communicative online as they try to engage with web users, a report said Wednesday.

A China Software Testing Center (CSTC) report titled "Chinese Government Websites Evaluation 2012" said governments have become more transparent by timely information disclosure and chats with Internet users on their official websites or microblog accounts.

Official websites have developed into an important channel for government bodies to share information and collect opinions, according to the report.

Zhang Shaotong, vice director of CSTC, said government websites were more communicative with Internet users on important issues this year. Many websites set aside space for netizens to comment or file complaints.

The report said more than 80 percent of government bodies updated documents or policy information in time on their websites or microblogs this year. Also, more than 70 percent of online inquiries from the public were replied within five working days.

Officials also appeared more "human" on the Internet, as 75 percent of provincial-level governments asked senior officials to chat with netizens online, according to the report.

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