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Japan confirms strong commitment to invest in Indonesia


09:30, December 06, 2012

JAKARTA, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- Japanese investors pledged strong commitments to put more investments in Indonesia, asking the government to improve infrastructure to facilitate the needs of the firms, particularly in industrial estates, local media reported on Wednesday. "In general, the size of investment from Japan will rise and accelerate. I am sure that as investment comes in, infrastructure is a must and therefore, we ask the Indonesian government to provide sufficient infrastructure," Japan Indonesia Association chairman Yasuo Fukuda said on Tuesday after a meeting with Indonesian Industry Minister MS Hidayat here.

Fukuda, who is the former Japanese prime minister, is visiting Indonesia along with dozens of top Japanese executives of reputable firms, such as the Japan Gas Corporation (JGC) and Chiyoda Corporation, to explore new business opportunities and discuss ways to solve major bottlenecks hampering the business climate with the government.

The government welcomed the commitment and would seek ways of addressing the concerns voiced by the Japanese businesspeople, said Hidayat after the meeting.

Regarding land provision, the government would prepare a new industrial estate in Karawang, West Java, where major Japanese automotive manufacturers were largely concentrated, he added.

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