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Don't buy a house before 35 years old?

(People's Daily Online)

08:37, January 21, 2013


Publisher Lu Jinbo said on Weibo on Jan. 15 that men buying a house before 35 years old will not be ambitious, which sparked a heated debate among Internet users.

Lu may imply that young people should not buy a house too early, but should go out to know more about the world when they are young. Facing the reality of high housing price, people will lose freedom and dare not go on adventures once they become house slaves.

According to a survey, the average age of Chinese people buying a house is 27 years old, which has moved up for a generation compared with some developed countries. The figure is 42 years old in Japan and Germany, 36 years old in Taiwan and over 30 years old in the United States.

Chinese youth's aspiration to buy a house is linked with the traditional view and intricate reality. They think that they should buy a house right now due to the soaring housing price. Otherwise, they will be more unaffordable in the future. In addition, they are hard to find a wife without a house, they have to rent a house though the rising rents, they are difficult to apply for the affordable housing and they will have many troubles because it is related to the household registration whether or not to buy a house in some cities.

All of these factors prove that people will have a sense of belonging if they buy a house and even a snail house, which is perhaps the reason for many of them to buy a house by all means.

"Why do we tie our lives and dreams to the house? Are we not pitiful if we place all of our efforts and expectations on a house?" This is the lines of TV series "Dwelling Narrowness" and also the innermost thoughts and feelings of most people. Will young people be eager to buy a house if they have their own houses, the renting system is well established or the houses are not too much linked with dignity?

Read the Chinese version: 35岁前买房没出息,说对了一半; Source: China Youth Daily; Author:Qin Huaichuan

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