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Sanitation workers win pay raise after protest

By Qiu Quanlin  (China Daily)

09:05, January 22, 2013

Cleaners on a Guangzhou street on March 23. The city has more than 38,000 sanitation workers. (Photo/China Daily)

Sanitation workers' salaries will be increased by 10 percent this year in Guangzhou, the capital of South China's Guangdong province, following recent protests demanding higher pay.

A report recommending an increase in sanitation workers' subsidies, sparked by a recent protest by more than 300 workers in the city's Liwan district, has been submitted to the local people's congress for approval, said Huang Xiaojing, deputy Party head of Guangzhou Urban Management Committee, and a member of the Guangzhou political consultative conference.

"The salary of sanitation workers will be increased by 10 percent this year and the government will also boost other subsidies, for example, housing allowances," Huang said.

A group of sanitation workers from the city's Liwan district continued to protest on Sunday demanding a pay rise, following another large protest by more than 200 workers early this month.

Guangzhou has an estimated 38,840 sanitation workers, who earn an average of about 1,300 yuan ($209) a month, almost equal to the city's minimum wage.

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