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Woman in sex videotape accuses official of rape

(Shanghai Daily)

10:04, January 22, 2013

A retired government official in Shangqiu, a city in Henan Province, is being investigated after he was accused in the rape and extortion of a local woman, as well as forcing her to perform in secret sex videos, local government officials said yesterday.

Zhang Minqiang, former head of Shangqiu's complaints department, was accused of sexual harassment by a female employee of the local transportation bureau, Xinhua news agency reported.

The woman's online posts stated that Zhang asked her for 100,000 yuan (US$16,000) in exchange for helping her find a job. However, the woman claimed that Zhang instead sexually assaulted her, attacking her multiple times since July 2009.

A video clip and several photos allegedly depicting Zhang assaulting the woman have gone viral online in the wake of the woman's claims.

"He asked me to pose like an actress in a pornographic movie every time he sexually assaulted me, and documented the whole process, and later played it on his computer," the woman said, according to a report on journalism website.

The woman also claimed that Zhang had asked his son to kill her, as well as her own son, after the woman demanded that Zhang return her money in July 2012, at which time Zhang had not yet retired, Xinhua said.

The woman also said Zhang had many mistresses and multiple homes, land and millions of yuan in stock. She said she had videotapes, phone messages and other evidence to back up her claims.

She said she reported Zhang to higher authorities in recent years, but her petitions only resulted in irritating Zhang.

She said he recruited local gangs to attack her house and smash her car.

The municipal disciplinary department said it is also looking into the case.

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