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Charity that's more than just a song and dance routine

By  Liu Jun  (China Daily)

14:56, January 23, 2013

On one of this winter's coldest nights, we ignored the glittering merchandise and headed straight for the other end of the supermarket, where my son's school, the SMIC Private School of Beijing, was holding a charity performance.

"Hurry up! It's my classmates performing Gangnam Style!" my son cried out to the boom of music and disappeared into the crowd. I had to elbow past several idle onlookers before catching a glimpse of the stage.

A dozen girls were doing their own version of the Korean song and dance, arguably the most popular global hit of the past year. They looked very professional in their scarlet tight-fitting skirts, with thick eye makeup more befitting women twice their age.

My son popped up again and said we had missed the dance by his second-grade class.

Over the past two months, he had been watching his classmates rehearsing and picked up a few quasi-Korean words, humming "wo, wo, wo", even at breakfast.

We had tried to enlist our son in the show, one of the school's biggest annual events. He has an extra-curricular kung fu class, and we suggested to the coach that a kung fu stunt would "stun" the audience.

Somehow, that didn't work out.

Then, the school asked for volunteers to sell postcards, calendars and photo frames the students had made. We eagerly registered, only to hear the school was concerned for the safety of the first and second graders. So, the only option left for participation was to buy something.

Some parents and students were hawking balloons near the crammed stage. Nowhere could we find the postcard our son had drawn.

"Take this - only 10 yuan ($1.60)," said a mother, placing a blue balloon tied to create a hat on my son's head. The little customer weighed over the choices, and decided on the balloon.

I pulled out a 10-yuan note and asked him to pay. I should have given him 20 or 50 yuan to give him a chance to sharpen his math. The amount of money doesn't matter, anyway. What's important is that he could help others.

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