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Training group of four Nordic countries visits Chinese peacekeeping force to South Sudan

By Xu Menglin and Li Lu (China Military Online)

09:09, February 01, 2013

A civilian-military collaboration training group consisting of seven military officers from four Nordic countries, namely Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, recently paid a special visit to the 2nd peacekeeping force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) to South Sudan to observe the work and study the experience accumulated by the Chinese peacekeeping force in civilian-military collaboration so as to better promote the training of peacekeeping standby forces from various Nordic countries.

The practice of the Chinese peacekeeping force in assisting to repair and construct the roads, helping to build the Catholic Health School in Wau City and jointly developing the "Welfare Farm" with the Wau Base deeply impressed the members of the civilian-military collaboration training group. It is learnt that this activity was the first time in the entire peacekeeping mission area.

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