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How far are we from 4G era?

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

11:04, April 07, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Free 4G services were recently launched on Hangzhou's B1 express bus route, making Hangzhou the first city in China to enjoy the fourth generation of mobile broadband Internet access. However, the city’s 4G network is still in the test phase, and has not entered commercial operation. Is 4G really coming? How far are we from the 4G era?

How fast is 4G?

China Mobile installed wireless routers that can turn a 4G network into a Wi-Fi network on buses and at bus stops along the B1 route. Guided by a China Mobile staff on the bus, the reporter of People’s Daily Overseas Edition connected his phone to a Wi-Fi network named “CMCC-4G,” and opened a web page using Safari browser. The page was auto-redirected to “Experience China Mobile’s 4G Network.” web page. After hitting “start experiencing,” the reporter was allowed full access to the 4G network.

A 4G network with good signal strength is capable of downloading a 7-MB song in only one second. It takes a user of traditional 4M broadband services a day to download a 40-GB Blu-ray movie, while it only takes a user of China Mobile’s 4G services two hours.

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