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China Mobile launches second 4G trial

(China Daily)

15:57, November 16, 2011

HONG KONG - China Mobile Communications Corp, the world's largest telecom carrier by subscribers, said it has already launched the second phase of its fourth-generation (4G) mobile network trial in six Chinese cities, and hopes to complete the new trial by June next year.

The new large-scale TD-LTE network trial began in October, following the completion of a nine-month first-phase trial at the end of September, said Li Zhengmao, an executive vice-president of China Mobile, at an industry summit in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

During the previous trial, China Mobile invested about 600 million yuan ($94 million) and, with partners, built 850 base-stations in six major Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Li said. "The result was successful and in line with our expectations."

Investment and the number of new base-stations in the next trial phase will be greatly increased, said Li, who did not reveal exact figures.

However, the number of pilot cities will be restricted to the previous six, according to China Mobile. Bill Huang, general manager of the China Mobile Research Institute, said the company will "do more work" to construct high-quality 4G networks in those cities.

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