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Migrant worker thanks public for help


10:38, February 06, 2013

SHANGHAI, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- A migrant worker who lost most of his 17,600 yuan (2,823 U.S. dollars) after it blew away in the wind has thanked the public for donating money to him but has now urged them to stop.

Surnamed Qin, from Shanghai, the delivery man saw his cash blow away by a sudden gust of wind when falling off an electric bicycle at an intersection on Sunday.

As of Tuesday morning, he had received 22,000 yuan in total, with 7,800 yuan recovered and the rest being donated from the public.

He told Xinhua that he wanted to thank the public who offered to help.

Qin said he is not going to accept any further donations because he has received more money than he previously had.

He told his father what had happened during the past two days. They have decided to donate the extra money, worth about 4,000 yuan, to charitable organizations after the Spring Festival when they come back from their hometown, in east China's Anhui Province.

"The whole thing makes me feel that there are more kind-hearted people in our society and it inspires me to be a good person, always ready to help those in need," said Qin.

He admitted he felt helpless when he lost the large quantity of cash but is now relieved. Qin said he is returning to his hometown to be reunited with his family and celebrate the Spring Festival.

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